Staying on Top of Your Health

Fall is a transition period between hot summer days and cooler winter nights. This transition period is a very popular time for illnesses. The kids have returned to school and are exposed to all kinds of germs from their classmates. Flu season is coming around, and in general, people tend to be too busy this time of year to stop in for a fast-medical checkup or flu shot. In the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives, it is essential that we all make sure to stop in to for a checkup, flu tests, cancer and HIV screenings, well-woman exams, physicals and immunizations to avoid any potential health risks.

The doctors at Immediate Medical Care in Pasadena, TX are committed to helping our patients receive the medical attention they deserve. We cannot stress the importance of receiving regular medical checkups and well visits to your doctor enough. Chance are, many illnesses can be avoided through immunizations and check-ups to pick up on early signs of illness – and therefore, treat the symptoms sooner.

Regular Medical Checkups

The doctor is not just for when you are feeling ill. At Immediate Medical Care of Pasadena, we also provide fast and convenient medical checkups and physicals for you and your entire family. Staying on top of your health before any possible illnesses strike is the key to living a healthy life and preventing ill visits to the doctor. Stop in today for convenient medical checkups, annual physicals, school physicals and more.

HIV and Cancer Screenings

Regularly checking up on your health is critical to living a long and healthy life. Immediate Medical Care offers patients quick HIV testing and thorough cancer screenings to prevent any future complications. These conditions are better treated early on – make sure you stop in and get your screening today!

Women’s Health Checkups

Getting regular checkups is important to maintaining good reproductive health. We offer well-woman exams as well as pregnancy tests and more to ensure that you are staying on top of your health. Our qualified medical professionals will help you through the process and thoroughly perform exams to ensure good health.

Immunizations and Flu Tests

Getting your flu shot and necessary immunizations is essential to maintaining great health. We offer a variety of immunizations to keep you healthy and prevent serious illnesses. Stop in today for all of your immunization needs.


Author: immediatemedicalcareblog

Immediate Medical Care provides non-life threatening minor emergencies. Urgent Care fee and copay is affordable compared to emergency room and the wait is short.

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